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Legacy Clinical & Consulting Services, LLC (Legacy) was established in 2017 by Chartrice Thorne who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has over 15 years of experience providing mental health services.

Legacy provides unique and tailored services to individuals and mental health organizations in the community. Chartrice believes in providing ethical and quality clinical and consulting services to individuals and organizations within the community. The primary focus of Legacy is to assist individuals with bettering their lives by providing comprehensive and holistic services to include advocacy and support.

Legacy also provides consultative services to mental health organizations within the community to improve their programs.  Chartrice has extensive knowledge and experience in working with licensing and regulatory entities during varying types of audits conducted by DBHDS, DMAS, and other auditing agencies. 

Chartrice is not only a highly qualified clinician, but she is committed to advocacy (local, state, and federal levels) and staying abreast of mental health policies and procedures that not only affect individual clients but the mental health industry as a whole.

Legacy Clinical & Consulting Services

A Professional & Honest Approach to Mental Health

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